David Mejzler (Meisler)
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
Born: 20/9/1913 Russia
Deceased: 11/1/1996 Israel

Several years after the passing of my father and with the growth of the Internet, my mother Fanya and myself, decided that one day we would gather my father’s publications and upload them to the Internet. My mother, deserving of an Internet website in her own right, passed away in 2005. I am now the sole survivor of our small family and am completing the task. I hope the website will be of assistance to its visitors. You are invited to view all the publications of Prof. David Mejzler’s (Meisler) research. Those of you who knew my father, former students or researchers who made use of his studies – I would be pleased if you would write your comments and share your impressions and memories in the Guest Book.